ASTM D4482

  • High geometry stability
  • Small injury risk
  • Extreme service life

Technical data

Standard Test Method for Rubber Property - Extension Cycling Fatigue

The cutting-die unit „ASTM D4482“ consists of a cutting blade and spring-loaded down holders. The cutting blade is made of powder-metallurgic knife steel and thereby guarantees an extreme lifetime. The blade is transversally sharpened on both sides, which results in vertical cut lines of an exact specimen cross section.

The spring-loaded down holders are matched to the specially shaped specimens.

Cutting-die geometry

SI-dimensions of the specimen

Specimen size: 6.35 x 12.5 x 78.74 mm


    Complete cutting-die unit

    • The spring-loaded down holders are adapted to the punching height
    • Lateral and central ejector feasible
    • Jig adapter for various die-cutter units available
    • Blade fully protected
    • Positioning element on the sample punch required