Die Cutter to produce specimen

Physical tests of rubber- and elastomer materials require an accurate specimen geometry. The preparation of these specimens with a classical die cutter often causes concave cut surfaces. This leads to significant measuring errors. A further disadvantage is that these undesirable concave cut surfaces increase greatly with the blunting of the knife.

In order to counteract, Q-tec uses a two-sided cutting edge geometry. Because of the symmetrical designed cutting edges a constant vertical cut line of exact identical specimen diameter characteristics is obtained. The die cutter fixes the specimen during the cutting process. The fixing is carried out on both sides of the cutting edges and of same surface load, which additionally improves the die cutting quality and minimizes the risk of accidents.      

Below is a summary of available die cutter units. These are sorted according to various standards and geometries.

DIN VDE 0282

ASTM D4482


DIN 2874