Shore A [SHA.D3] after DIN ISO 7619-1 (DIN 53505)

  • Fully automatic
  • Standard measurement
  • Parallel measurement

Technical data

Triple measurement after Shore-A standard

The Shore-A hardness test unit SHA.D3 measures your elastomer products on standard specimens fully automatic and in high precision. The durometer hardness measurements are carried out in accordance to DIN ISO 7619 (replaces DIN 53505), DIN EN ISO 868, ASTM.D 2240 or JIS K 6253-3. Per measurement three measurement results are identified and displayed together with the standard deviation within seconds.          
An intelligent error detection system registers automatically systematic measuring errors, such as dirty sensors, measuring needle wear or friction. Systematic testing errors are therefore a thing of the past.

Measuring range:
-5.0 to 100.0 Shore A
Measuring accuracy:
± 0.2 Shore A
Repetition accuracy:
± 0.1 Shore A
standard specimen parallel board of minimum thickness
Maximal measuring load:
8065 mN
Power connection:
94…264 V ~, 47 ...66 Hz, 20 A
Dimensions W x D x H:
451 x 414 x 483 mm
28.0 kg

Features of the triple Shore-A-unit

Convincing functions

  • Measuring is fully automatic made by 3 independently measuring sensors
  • Very high measuring accuracy (± 0.2 Shore A)
  • Parallelism errors of the specimens are automatically corrected
  • Automatic statistical evaluation while measuring
  • Standard interfaces to external systems via Ethernet and USB

Product video Shore A triplex