Specimen die cutter [STAS.02]

  • Knee lever principle
  • Ball bearing tappet guide
  • Stroke fine adjustment
  • Automatic ejector

Technical data

Knee lever die cutter with ball bearing linear guide

The specimen die cutter STAS.02 is a knee lever unit with a very smooth running ball bearing linear guide. It serves to produce specimens made of rubber, elastomer or plastic.

This system is characterized by a finely adjustable punching shear position affecting the cutting die. Furthermore it has a forced eject system at its rearmost end. 

Maximum pressing load:
16/25 kN adjustable
16 kN = 60 mm / 25 kN = 25.3 mm adjustable
C-pillar distance:
95 mm
Work table size:
190 x 240 mm
Fine adjustment lower end position:
± 3 mm
Die Holder:
Cylinder diameter 20 mm
Ejector function upper end position:
Dimensions W x D x H:
240 x 356 x 555 mm
45 kg

Technical drawing

The basis of the unit consists of a cast steel frame (1). By a fast-clamping system of a fine adjustment (2) it is possible to adjust the punching shear position precisely. After processing the specimen it is automatically released by the ejector (4).

As a counter bearing during processing serves a flat support plate (3). The die support is made of cardboard (5 - see accessories) and serves - while a specimen is processed - as an exchangeable protective element for the cutting edge and also guarantees exact cutting results.

The knee lever die cutter is shown with a punching knife unit (6) and clamping adapter (7).

Technical drawing of the STAS.02 Dimensional view of the unit including a 3D view (A4).       


High-precision and smooth due to the ball bearing guide

  • Adjustable hand lever
  • Fine tuning of the punching shear position in the lower end position
  • Forced eject system in the upper end position
  • Processing table with removable cutting board
  • Strong C-pillars granting high accuracy