Tensile automat ZPEL.02

Multi tensile automats equipped with a parallel measurement technology

The tensile automat ZPEL.02 is an advancement of the tensile automat EPS.500 and works automatically. This device measures the tensile strength, the tear strength and Shore durometer. To this end three vertical parallel withdrawing stations are integrated. The ZPEL.02 is designed for specific tests of the tensile and tear strength.            
The specimens are fed into the six-fold tensile machine via a tray. Prior to the load and strain measurements the thickness is tested. After this, loads and strains are measured in separate drawing stations. These results are transmitted to a QMS system and printed out in form of a test report. The measurement cycle for a product batch consisting of six parallel measured specimens takes approximately three minutes.  

    Solution-oriented approach

    Further to other devices; we have already designed and developed the following parallel multi-test automats for our customers:

    •   Automat for adhesion tests after Finat (4-fold test automat)
    •   Automat to measure sealants for the building industry (5-fold test automat)

    Following your wishes we realize customized solutions for special tests!