10-fold tensile testing machine EPS.500

Tear strength and tensile stress-strain properties

In a fully automatic process, the system measures the tensile and tear strength of the Shore durometer and the rebound resilience. Because of the applied parallel measuring technology the EPS.500 tests the measurement reading of a complete product batch and their thickness in less than a minute. A typical measurement series consists of five tear strength and tensile stress-strain specimens. The measurement is carried out horizontally. The force and strain analysis is based on approximately 100 air bearings.      
The feeding of specimens is carried out automatically via a sample tray which is identified by a bar code. The test results are stored, printed and passed on to a quality management system (QMS). The destroyed specimen residues are disposed automatically.

    Products compliant to your ideas

    The tensile test machine EPS.500 is in permanent operation since 1990. During this period more than five million specimens had been tested and were given product approval. Due to given circumstances, problem definitions and aims, we create a system especially designed for you!