• High geometry stability
  • Small injury risk
  • Extreme service life

Technical data

The cutting-die unit „ASTM D624 A“ consists of a cutting blade and spring-loaded down holders. The cutting- & nick-blade is made of powder-metallurgic knife steel and thereby guarantees an extreme lifetime.


Testing the tear resistance requires an exact nick at a defined point on the specimen. The punching knife is equipped with a replaceable nick blade for this purpose.


The blades are transversally sharpened on both sides, which results in vertical cut lines of an exact specimen cross section.

cutting-die geometry

SI-Dimensions of Specimen

Specimen size: 2 x 21.9 x 57.2 mm


    Complete cutting-die unit

    • Punching knife with a replaceable nick razor
    • Ejector laterally arranged
    • Jig adapter for various die-cutter units available
    • Blade fully protected