Hardness measurement of elastomers after Shore-A

Shore A hardness is a material parameter for elastomers and plastics. The characteristic value is defined as per standard DIN EN ISO 868 and ISO 7619-1 (DIN 53505). Hardness is an important parameter for the specification and utilization of elastomers. Thus, it is an important quality feature. The bandwidth ranges from very soft to hard rubber materials.

During the hardness measurement after Shore A, a needle of defined geometry, with aid of a preset force, or force function is pressed into the material surface (elastomer) In the process the penetration depth is measured in dependence to time. The Shore A standard describes the penetration of a conical-tipped needle whose penetration force declines with increasing penetration depth. This combination allows the measurement of a very wide hardness range, since on soft products, due to the decreasing force characteristic line, only a small force takes effect, and the cross-sectional area grows because of the conical needle shape.

Our hardness measuring units cover the entire range of standard measurements to the point of innovative measurement methods on almost any desired shapes of end products. Also the measurement of very soft elastomers is possible with our measuring units.