500 x 500 mm Press tool for specimen plates

geöffnete Pressplatte für 500x500mm
  • Low weight
  • Various surface coatings
  • Automatic tool opening
  • Plainest operation

Technical data

Press tool to produce 4 test plates 2 x 220 x 220 mm at the same time

In order to protect the press from soiling, the unit has an overflow channel which collects excess material.       

The tool cavity is made of high temperature resistant aluminum and is coated wear-resistant. Due to the good thermal conductivity of aluminum this results in a very uniform temperature distribution.         

The cover, supported with special titanium made hinges opens automatically after the pressing process, thus ensuring an easy withdrawing of the test plates.          

For extremely adherent or self-fusing products, we offer a special coating.

Press plate size:
4 plates 2 x 220 x 220 mm with and without 6.4 mm test
Suitable for panel surface:
500 x 500 mm
Temperature range:
up to 250 ° C.
Aluminum coated / titanium
Chrome or special coating
9.6 kg

Press plate geometry

Due to the tool cavity four  220 x 220 mm plates of 2 mm thickness are made. Analogous to the 300 x 300 mm press, we offer for visual inspections, durometer and compression set measuring the cavity optionally with a6.4 mm test plate per plate. Customized for our customer’s requirements we can offer a specialcavities.


    Advantages of the four-fold molding press plate

    • Low weight
    • Little wear
    • Homogeneous temperature distribution over the entire surface
    • Automatic opening without tools
    • Overflow avoids soiling and generates geometrically accurate parts
    • Suitable for self-fusing products