Wafer-Cutter 6" / 8"

In the wafer production it is possible to draw conclusions about the quality via the mono-crystal breaking edge. The breaking of wafers is compared to other cutting techniques very simple and allows to get smaller wafer pieces in a quick and accurate way.    
The wafer-cutter can be used for a simple and clean splitting (breaking) of 6”and 8" wafers in crystal direction. With the help of the LED projection it is easily possible to align the wafer in crystal direction.    
By means of a specifically developed groove element, a small notch in the edge region of the wafer is made, which defines the beginning of the breaking point. The now separated wafer parts can be removed without being touched.

    Individually customized to your Wafer-Size

    We offer our customers customized Wafer-Cutters according to the needed wafer diameters that are being used.